Business Fee Schedule - effective 11/1/2014

Business Checking  
Monthly Fee with balance over $500 No Charge
Monthly Fee with balance under $500 $10.00/month
Cleared Check Copy $2.00/item  *
Online Account Access Cleared Check Copy No Charge
NSF Cleared Item (Check, ATM, Debit, ACH) $30.00/item
NSF Returned Item (Check, ATM, Debit, ACH) $30.00/item
Postdated Item $25.00/item
Stop Payment $25.00/request*
Items Sent For Collection $20.00/item
Account Close for Abuse $25.00/account
Check Printing Varies based on style
Overdraft Transfer for ACH or Draft Item $2.00/Transfer *
Overdraft Transfer for ACH Item $2.00/Transfer *
Money Market Account  
Below $2000 Minimum Balance $10.00/month
NSF/Excess Usage Paid Item $25.00/item
NSF/Excess Usage Returned Item $25.00/item
Below $500 Minimum Withdrawal $25.00/item
Stop Payment $25.00/item *
Check Printing Varies based on style
Online Bill Payment  
Monthly Fee No Charge
Termination 10 days written notice or 60-days of non-use without written notice
Stop Payment $25.00/item
Returned Item $10.00/item
Bill Payment Photocopy $10.00/item *
Debit Card  
Card Replacement Fee $5.00 *
NSF Item Returned or Cleared $25.00
POS Purchases $0.50 after 15**
ATM Withdrawals $0.50 after 15**

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ATM Card  
Card Replacement Fee $2.00 *
NSF Item Returned $25.00
ATM Withdrawals $0.50 after 15**
Visa Prepaid Card  
Card Issuance $3.95/card
Card Replacement Fee $5.00/card
Monthly Maintenance (Following 12 months of inactivity) $2.50/month
MasterCard Classic, Gold & Platinum Credit Cards  
Annual Fee No Charge
Grace Period 25 days
Card Replacement Fee $5.00/card *
Return Check $20.00
Late Payment Fee $10.00
Over Limit Charge Fee No Charge
Balance Transfer Fee No Charge
Loose Coin Counting
5% of amount or $1.50, whichever is greater
Coin & Currency Orders $0.10/$100 ordered
Federal Deposit Tax Payment $4.00/payment
Previously Mailed Paper Statement Copy $2.00/month *
Account Research (minimum 1 hour) $20.00/hour
Statement Reconciliation (minimum 1 hour) $20.00/hour
Domestic Wire Transfer (incoming) $10.00/each
Domestic Wire Transfer (outgoing) $20.00/each
International Wire Transfer (outgoing) $40.00/transfer
Cashier's Check 1 free per calendar month -
$5.00 each
American Express Traveler's Cheques (single-signature) No Charge
American Express Traveler's Cheques (dual-signature) $0.50/$100
Empty Envelope Deposit $25.00/envelope
Non-member Cashier's Check Issuing $5.00/check
* Sales Tax As applicable

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