Check Re-Order

If you have your re-order form provided with your current box of checks, you can re-order directly with Liberty Check.

Re-order checks through the Internet! - Call 515-282-1611 for current check pricing.

If you don't have your re-order form you may complete the following information and we will re-order your checks from Liberty Check for you.

Please complete ONLY the information you want PRINTED on your checks for your Premier Credit Union Checking Account.

Account Number
First Name (Primary Owner)
Last Name (Primary Owner)
First Name (Joint Owner)
Last Name (Joint Owner)
Driver's License No.
Phone Number:
Zip Code:
Check Style:
Quantity: One OrderTwo OrdersThree Orders
Starting Check Number (101 or higher):
Please include a new vinyl cover: Yes No
Vinyl Cover Color: BlackBlue
Monogram Initial:
Monogram Style: Commercial
Old English
Liberty Block
Same as current

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