Disputing a Credit Card Charge

Prior to filing a Credit or Debit Card dispute with Premier Credit Union, you will want to first contact the merchant and attempt to resolve the transaction dispute with them directly.  If no resolution can be made with the merchant, you will then want to file a written dispute with MasterCard ® by submitting an email  to the credit union with the information listed below. If you have any questions regarding this process, contact the Credit Union at 515-282-1611 and ask to speak with Ashley.

Cardholder's Name:
Cardholder Address:
Member Number:
Telephone Daytime:
Telephone Evening:
Card Number:
Transaction Amount
Purchase Date:
Merchant Name:
Transaction Date:
Dollar Amount:
What efforts have been made in attempt to resolve dispute:
Explanation of why charge is being disputed:

Sumbit a Dispute

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