How do I change my address?

To submit a Change of Address, login to Online Banking. Click on the gear menu that can be found on the upper right-hand side of the main page. Once there, make any changes needed and save the changes.  Those changes will be made instantaneously. If you have any questions, feel free to contact a Member Service Representative by calling 515-282-1611.

What do I do if I lost my debit card?

Call (800) 383-8000 as soon as you realize your card is lost or stolen. We’ll cancel it immediately and order you a replacement card.

How do I close an account?

Accounts may be closed via an online request or at any of our branch offices. In order to close an account, we must have the signatures of all account owners.  The account will not be closed until the additional signatures are received at the credit union.

I am looking to have my paycheck direct deposited, what do I need to know?

Make it automatic. Make it easy with Direct Deposit. To set up direct deposit, provide your employer with our Routing Number – 273073848 and your credit union account number.  Note that your checking account number is listed at the bottom of your personal checks.  You may also contact the Credit Union for clarification between checking and savings account numbers.

Can I deposit a check electronically?

Select Mobile Deposit in our Online Banking App. Follow the step-by-step instructions to make a deposit into your account. Checks must be endorsed with your signature and the words: For Mobile Deposit Only.

How can I check my account balance?

  1. Within your Premier Credit Union mobile app or your online banking.
  2. By referencing your eStatements. (if you are enrolled)
  3. By Calling or stopping inside one of our branch offices.

I was charged a fee. What is it for?

A full list of the Premier Credit Union fees can be found at the bottom of Rates & Fees page.

How do I file a credit card dispute?

There are two ways to dispute a credit card charge.

  1. Within your online banking.  Step by step instructions can be found by clicking here.
  2.  By contacting card services at 1-800-234-5354.

How do I file a debit card dispute?

To dispute a debit charge, contact Shazam Dispute Services at 1-833-288-1126.

A check I deposited via mobile deposit failed. What happened?

If a mobile deposit didn’t work for you, please double check several factors to make sure everything is correct when attempting:

  1. *Please note that daily limits will apply in regards to the amount of the check.
  2. Your photos are clear and within the frame set by the app.
  3. Your check is properly endorsed with your signature, correct dates, and the clear payee information. This also includes writing “FOR MOBILE DEPOSIT ONLY” on the back of the check at the top.

How do I know how much my Premier Credit Union account(s) is insured for?

All accounts are federally insured by the NCUA (National Credit Union Administration) for up to $250,000. Depending on the number of accounts, joint accounts and beneficiaries, this number could change. Use the link at Insurance Estimator | MyCreditUnion.gov to find out how much you are insured for.

What are the Live Teller Machines?

Live Teller Machines are our newest technology! These machines, currently located at our downtown and Urbandale branches, have both ATM and Live Teller capabilities. When in Live Teller mode, you can video chat directly with one of our member service representatives, who will answer any of your questions. In addition, you can do cash deposits and withdrawals, deposit checks, view account balances, and make loan payments! You can find them in the drive-ups at these locations as well – meaning you can do these expanded transactions without even leaving the comfort of your vehicle!