Dec 30, 2022

Welcome to the Urbandale Branch!


Welcome to our FAQ hub – everything you’ll need to know for

The Urbandale Branch Opening

The New Premier Live Teller Machines

Check back as we continue to release updates and more details!


Urbandale Branch

What is the new address?

10951 Meredith Drive. We’re just south of the Kum & Go and Super Target on the corner of NW Urbandale and Meredith Drive.

When will the new branch be opening?

We’re shooting for the Spring of 2023. Check back for more updates on a hard opening date!

Is anything fun and exciting happening for the Grand Opening?

You bet! Anyone who opens a brand-new membership account during the first month of our grand opening will be entered in for a chance to win a $250 prize package, which include Gift Cards and Goodies! We’ll be awarding two of these.

Existing members who stop in will also be entered into a drawing for a $100 gift card.

We will also give a $25 gift card to the FIRST TEN people who open a new Premier Membership account!

I’ve heard there will be doorbuster deals?

You heard right! For our grand opening week, you’ll see these fantastic deals:

  • Monday: The first 10 people in the door will receive a free Premier cooler!
  • Tuesday: Exciting offer coming soon
  • Wednesday: Exciting offer coming soon
  • Thursday: The first 10 people in the door will receive a free box of cookies!
  • Friday: The first 10 people in the door will receive a $20 gift card!

Official Contest Rules

Premier Live Teller Machines

What are the Premier Live Teller Machines?

These machines resemble and have all the functionality of an ATM but are capable of so much more. Look for them in the drive-ups and in the lobby of the new Urbandale branch!

What do the machines do?

You can deposit cash and checks, make a loan payment, check your balances, dispense cash from an account and more. The video chat feature allows you to speak with a member service representative to get any questions answered!

Who am I talking with?

The staff themselves may not be new. They might be smiling faces you’ve encountered before in our branches. What is new is the technology! These new machines may look like an ATM but are very different. You can now speak live with a member service representative inside the branch or from the convenience of your own car in the drive-ups!

Will you be replacing staff because of this new technology?

Not at all! The staff you speak to are a part of our new contact center. Staff are also furthering their careers with more training in other parts of the credit union. Premier is truly growing, and we’re not slowing down!

When will we see the machines?

These machines will be operational immediately when our new Urbandale branch opens. We’re shooting for Spring of 2023. In the meantime, we’ll have demo units for you to test out at the following locations:

  • 800 9th Street in Des Moines – Beginning February 1
  • 1301 Grand Avenue in West Des Moines – Beginning March 1

When you’re there, ask us how you can receive $1.00 for trying a transaction with the new machine!

What are some other benefits of the new machines?

Safe and Secure: Live Teller machines are proven to be a lot safer, keeping members and staff safer by reducing robberies. We still have all the identity verification programs in place.

Less Paper: Live Tellers cut down on waste with less paperwork during transactions. You even have the opportunity to skip your receipt if you would like!

Convenience: Stop inside the branch or do your transactions from the convenience of your vehicle. This helps to speed up the process for you! The machines can even accept cash and check deposits outside of Premier Credit Union hours.

State of the Art: We’ve spared no expense to bring you the highest quality technology. This will pave the way for more machines along the way. They will be easy to use and 100% accurate.

You Choose! You have the ability to use the machines as a regular ATM or a full-service Live Teller machine from the second you begin your transaction.

What are the machines not able to do?

Cash advances, coin deposits and the printing of cashier’s checks are not able to be done by the new machines. However, staff inside the branch office will still be able to assist you with any of those!

Can ANYONE use the ATM side of the machines for withdrawals?

Yes, this will be available to members and non-members alike. The machines can still function as a full-service ATM for withdrawals.

Will my transaction take longer?

No, if anything transaction times will be faster based on uninterrupted, one-on-one screen time.



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