Holiday Scams in Des Moines, IA | Premier Credit Union

Scammers and Fraudsters try to take advantage of the busy holiday season. Stay informed and protect yourself!

Fraud Prevention Published December 13, 2023

Holiday Scams in Des Moines, IA | Premier Credit Union

Holiday Scams in Des Moines, IA | Premier Credit Union

Keep yourself safe from fraud during the Holidays!

The Holidays are the busiest shopping time of the year. Which makes this an ideal time for fraudsters and scammers to try and take advantage of those who may be too busy to notice when a scam is happening. It’s unfortunate but with a little knowledge ahead of time, you’ll be able to spot them before they affect you or your finances!

Package related scams in Des Moines, IA

With delivery trucks cruising the streets daily, more and more package-related scams are popping up in Des Moines, IA. With the shift to online purchase and delivery becoming more popular than in-store shopping, you’ll want to make sure you’re protecting yourself from any unwanted scams.

Be aware of suspicious texts and emails regarding incoming, late or missed deliveries that contain a link to your tracking. If a communication looks suspicious, go directly to the company’s website and track your package from there.

Be on the lookout as well for “missed delivery tags” that appear on your doorstep. Scammers will leave a note saying that they are either having trouble delivering your package or need to deliver your gift to you in-person as opposed to leaving it on your doorstep. They’ll leave a phone number, and the person on the other end of the line will collect your personal information from you! Please know that leaving a note is NOT a common practice of delivery drivers. Always verify suspicious communications directly from the source.

Merchant Scams and your Premier Credit Union Account

Merchants try to offer great deals during this time of year. While this can help your wallet, it can also be very harmful if it is a scam! Always verify holiday specials or discounts with the actual merchant website before clicking on any links that you may suddenly receive via text or email.

Often a scammer will spoof a financial institution such as Premier Credit Union. They will call you posing as the institution’s fraud department and ask to verify a transaction or report potential “fraud” on your account. With this, they will ask for certain sensitive information. Do not give account information out over the phone! Premier Credit Union will NEVER call you asking for any personal, private or account information. If you feel a call is suspicious, hang up the phone and call us back at 515-282-5497.

During the holidays there is more fraud surrounding debit and credit cards in general. In certain cases, Premier Credit Union will put restrictions on certain areas where this is originating. While it may cause confusion, this is for your protection! If you are affected by declined transactions, please call 515-282-5497 to discuss your situation further. Always let us know if you have any significant holiday travel, especially out of the Country!

Romance Scams in Des Moines, IA

While the Holiday season can be a source of joy and happiness for many, it can just as easily be a time of sorrow or depression for others. Sadly, many scammers try to take advantage of this in the form of companionship or romance – making it seem like they can be a bright spot or a new beginning. Always be on the lookout if the conversation with a new contact suddenly turns to money. DO NOT let any one push, manipulate or otherwise guilt you into sending them money. Especially if you have never met them yet in person!

If you do feel you’ve been the victim of a cybercrime, the FBI does have a site where you can file a complaint directly. All reports do help in identifying trends and bringing cybercriminals to justice!

Internet Crime Complaint Center(IC3) | File a Complaint

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